Ray McGovern - Putin Analysis - Biden's WH in Trouble - The Narrative is Changing

1 month ago

In this lengthy, but in-depth analysis of President Putin's character and understanding of the threats posed by the war of the USA against Russia. Also, a very somber analysis of what is happening in Washington, D.C. regarding the trouble the Biden's are in politically because they've lost the war in Ukraine, but also the criminal actions of Biden and his son that are now being exploited and coming to light. Ray worries that the "crazies" in the WH might just be desperate enough to avoid jail, to use "little nukes" to save their butts. Ray asks the same question I've been asking since 2016: "will the neocons in Washington, realizing they have lost this epic battle to control the planet, take the whole world down with them in a nuclear Armageddon?

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