Bath Time Ruins Dog's Day At The Park

sirgeorgethefrenchiePublished: June 12, 2017Updated: June 13, 201737,954 views
Published: June 12, 2017Updated: June 13, 2017

Dogs are the sweetest, even though they don’t make much sense from time to time. We know that they have this love-hate relationship with water, but we just don’t know when they’re up for some watery fun, or when we should keep them as far away from it. Either way, they sure have a way of letting us know.

If you’re a dog owner, you might have already experienced this. Have you ever had the wrath of your dog unleashed upon you when you wanted to give them a bath? Do you remember how you got the cold shoulder treatment for weeks to come? Let’s just say… It’s not pretty.

This little guy was having the day of his life. You can see how happy he is just by the look on his face. The one thing that can ruin this stellar mood is a bath, and unfortunately you gotta do what you gotta do. George hates having to take a bath after the dog park. Check out his reaction when he hears the bad news. It’s just priceless!

We all know that cats hate taking baths, but it seems like this little guy does too. Don't worry buddy, soon enough you will be back to running around at the park and we'll see that beautiful smile again! Make sure you check out this adorable dog's reaction to bath time.

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