Dog balances on bodyboard to fetch ball from pool

Published June 12, 2017 2,814 Plays $3.37 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWow! How did this dog not fall into the water when she jumped onto her body board? Such an athletic dog. If I tried standing on a floatie board, i'd be in the water before you could blink! It wasn't an easy jump either, she made a far jump from the edge of the pool to the body board. Somehow, she manages to slowly move the board over to the ball without falling in. That needs a lot of balance and skill! As she continues to move her bodyboard towards the ball, she gets close enough that she can grab it with her mouth. Hooray!

After all that, she is still able to jump off the body board back onto dry land. She is definitely in shape! She didn't work up any sweat as she walks away with the ball. She has lots of energy left! We were rooting for her the whole time! It was awesome to see her make it the other side of the pool. What a great video, certainly puts a smile on your face! Awesome!

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