Cats make weird chirping noises for very specific reason

Published June 12, 2017 2,296 Plays $7.37 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensAll pets are a little weird sometimes. Each and every one of them have their own little quirks, but that's why we love them. Well here we have a pair of interesting cats that have their own little quirks that will definitely make you let out at a least a little laugh. Watch as these cats make one of the weirdest noises you've heard a cat make at the same time.

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These two felines spot some sort of animal out the window and thus being to "speak" to it. Can anyone explain this behavior?


  • fconner, 2 years ago

    My cat used to sit just out of site and "call" birds to come onto the balcony so she could catch them! I thought she was having a seizure the first time I saw her doing this. When she caught one, of course, she brought it to me!!!

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