Owner Tries To Sing 'Chandelier' While Funny Dog Howls Along

linneamuller Published June 11, 2017 4,514 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBulldogs are known for their good acting skills, and when barking and whining don't work in getting your owner's attention, however, they are also known for their amazing singing skills!

There’s nothing cuter than a dog letting out a big howl, especially when in it’s in response to an instrument or someone else singing! There are few things that bring joy to almost everyone and can put a smile on the face of just about anyone. A few of those things? Music, dogs, and affection.

This adorable and amazing American Bulldog loves when his owner sings! He jumps right in into an incredible duo! Check out how this dog reacts when its owner gets to the chorus of Sia's hit song 'Chandelier'. What a dynamic duo! Could you say that this duo is better than Sonny and Cher?

American Bulldogs are so affectionate and intelligent dogs, they are great family dogs and excellent companions! They have a naturally happy temper so maybe that’s why they enjoy music and love to sing. They are also great with kids and with other pets. They are also very gentle dogs, loyal and energetic. They are amazing creatures and such loving buddies! Would you consider having an American Buldog as a pet?

This precious pooch has the frustrating habit of howling every time his owner attempt to enjoy a little bit of singing around the house. So adorable! If you ever wondered if dogs enjoy singing this video is the perfect answer for you! They really do! We can’t get over this and can’t stop watching! But we’d never heard a dog that could sing… until we saw this loud American Bulldog singing Cia! A star was born!

Also, he really enjoys guitars! He loves to sing when his owner plays the guitar too! This adorable dog sings along while the owner plays the guitar ! Such a musical dog!

You would not have imagined that such a tough looking dog would even consider this. As soon as she starts playing, he immediately starts howling. What a dynamic duo!

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