Willfully, unlawfully; without premeditation “did effect the death of Charles Ray Brooks, Jr.”

28 days ago


DailyKenn.com — 23-year-old Charles “C.J.” Brooks Jr. was fatally shot in Vicksburg, MS. He was shot in the head.

Xavier Weddington, 17, was charged as an adult with second-degree murder.

Circumstances leading to the shooting were not disclosed.

Upon reading the charges, the judge noted the killing was "without premeditation." That suggests the shooting was impulsive.

A lack of impulse control, coupled with deficient intelligence and a paucity of empathy, seem common among homicide offenders in America's urban jungles.

According to vicksburgnews.com:

Judge Randy Lewis informed Weddington of his rights and then read the charges. “…that you did willfully, unlawfully although without premeditation did effect the death of Charles Ray Brooks, Jr.”

Judge Lewis continued reading the charges saying, “… pointed a loaded pistol, black and silver in color in the direction of Charles Ray Brooks, Jr. and discharging the same being an act of imminent danger to others.”

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