The Fitness Gourmet's Patricia Greenberg-Grunfeld - Weighing In - Food Exposed

emPOWERmetvPublished: June 9, 2017Updated: June 12, 20171 views
Published: June 9, 2017Updated: June 12, 2017

Jackie's guest this week is Patricia Greenberg-Grunfeld, owner of the Fitness Gourmet and a certified culinary professional with over 20 years experience in as a nutritionist and chef. Jackie and Patricia discuss which superfoods and diets live up to the hype and which are passing fads.

Patricia Greenberg-Grunfeld is a Certified Culinary Professional with the IACP, has 20 years of experience as a nutritionist and chef, who promotes wellness through food and fitness. She has a BS in Nutrition, a degree in Culinary Arts and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer

She runs the Fitness Gourmet, an education consulting firm that specializes in teaching nutrition and fitness seminars nationwide. She has a special interest in enhancing the education of the gneral public, providing accurate nutrition and health information to today's consumer.

Patricia is a working wife and mother who follows a rigouros fitness regime. Patricia believes that eating well and regular fitness is the key to longevity. She has completed 16 marathons and 90 half marathons.

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