Ladies of Another View "My Hometown" Alexander-08.23.2023

7 months ago

In this captivating episode, Karmen transports us to the quaint town of Alexander, located in McKenzie County along the Western border of North Dakota. We are introduced to Jim Jacobson, a local historian, who unravels the intriguing history of Alexander, highlighting how early cattle drives from the south played a pivotal role in its establishment.

The journey doesn't end there. Dive deep into the Lewis and Clark Trail Museum, a treasure trove safeguarding the town's history. Interestingly, this museum is housed in the town's first school and showcases over 100 unique shadow boxes, acquired from generations of local families.

If you're wondering about community events, Alexander doesn't disappoint! Celebrate 'Old Settlers Day,' an 80-year-old tradition that unites the townspeople in festivities and memories.

Gain insights from a dedicated city council member and a young veteran as they delve into Alexander's transformative journey. Learn how the Bakken oil formation impacted the town, the resulting infrastructural advancements, and its consequent growth.

Lastly, discover the role of education in Alexander. Witness how robotics education not only imparts knowledge but also spurs community projects, enhancing the town's educational landscape.

From its historical roots to its forward-thinking educational initiatives, Alexander offers a heartwarming blend of the past and the future. Join the Ladies of Another View and explore this endearing town's multifaceted story.



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