Homogen puppet (3 Tage U Haft, pretrial detention Edtstadler, 3 days, read comment)

10 months ago

I know in that Video is the music too loud, I had no time!!!
THEY NEED A SIGN WHEN I CANNOT EVEN STAY IN THE APARTMENT, and I explain it all...WANTS TO MAKE YOU TO A "TRANSHUMAN HOMO", (Homo as side effect because of testosteron, not fully Homo and but no erection... soft like a snail and to an IDIOT) tHEY LAND IN PRISON this b*stards, we finish them off = its a WEAPON so that no one shall stand up against theml...the term HOMO is wrong, TRANS but Transvestit can be with Testosteron... I can only call it TRANSHUMAN HOMO(gen). And indifferent (Gleichgültig)

so its ok to touch little kids??? become nuts

And want to build NEW... ya what shall we become???
Fw: Should be a controlled destruction of society!
3 Tage rein mit ihr... ganze Polizei, Militär und FLYER und RICHTER und...

If you say, we fight all Homos? thats not, its an indifferent homogen mass... but the body language shall be more feminine, weak... because of etc.

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