Britfield Author Chad Stewart: The Foundation is Shifting Underneath Hollywood and a Reckoning is Coming

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Chad Stewart joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his youth fiction series Britfield, which has really taken hold among families around the world. This is evidence that people are starving for good story-telling with traditional values, as opposed to the woke garbage filling school libraries and Hollywood movies.

During this conversation, Stewart shares his views on the current state of entertainment and why it seems to have gone downhill so fast. Hollywood, he shares, is not in the business of turning a profit… because they aren’t. They are in the business of turning your kids and your mind away from conservative and Christian values towards their woke Leftist ideology. It’s all about the propaganda, which is why the CIA setup shop in Hollywood decades ago… they understood the power of entertainment when it comes to influence over the hearts and minds of population.

Stewart’s series Britfield is confronting the current system head-on with good story-telling, conservative values and zero magic/witchcraft/occult, which is found in almost all of the blockbuster books and films. The first book in the series is in the process of getting made into a movie, and is expected to soar to become a blockbuster hit.

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