Grand Island artist prepares for Allentown Art Festival

WKBW Published June 8, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble It's a big year for the Allentown Art Festival and for artist Danielle Nash as she get ready to make her second appearance there. Danielle's oil paintings are bold and colorful. She likes flowers and local landmarks and prefers to work from her photographs, saying "I go around and if I see something that's going to make a great painting, that's like the perfect moment." The art festival celebrates it's 60th year this weekend. Danielle and her twin sister Nichole, also an artist, turn 27 next week. The girls mother Mary Ann is a big fan of her daughter's artwork she has it displayed all over the house. She says "when I see something I like I have to snatch it up otherwise I might not get it." Besides this weekends Allentown Art Festival, Danielle has a solo show starting at The Botanical Gardens on August 24th. More information about the Allentown Art Festival at their website. And to check out Danielle Nash originals you can see them at her website.