Talented dancing raccoon gets away with tasty treats

JordanRandomnessPublished: June 8, 20172,222 plays$6.17 earned
Published: June 8, 2017

This clever raccoon quietly gets away with the goods but not before challenging the other surrounding cats to a hilarious dance off! Watch in amazement when this masked bandit displays her victory dance moves and then nonchalantly walks off stage to enjoy the claimed reward.

She approaches the unsuspecting cat, at first slowly and as if she is looking for something. As soon as she reached the cat’s food bowl, she snatches it right in front of the cat and goes away, but not before she does a little victory dance, accompanied by music from none other, than Jordan himself!

They aren’t called “masked bandits” for nothing. Other than rummaging in dumpsters looking for food, raccoons are ready to steal the food right in front of another animal while it is eating in the blink of an eye, making them expert thieves!

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