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=9/11 CORPORATE NEWS=============================

August 15 2023 — Newfound right-wing country music celeb Oliver Anthony kept YouTube playlist with 9/11 truther videos
HIT PIECE by Ernie Piper
See also: Olive Anthony Music playlist "Videos that make your noggin get bigger" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtmwtjOoSYU&list=PL2gusRdbuxAeA9CtJROtDY3yY1Xk4s70J&pp=iAQB

August 16 2023 — 9/11 defendants might not face the death penalty, U.S. tells families

August 18 2023 — Judge Throws Out Confession of Bombing Suspect as Derived From Torture
The Saudi defendant, accused of orchestrating the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2000, was waterboarded and subjected to other forms of torture by the C.I.A. in 2002 in a secret prison network.

See also: Guantanamo Bay judge throws out confession of Al-Qaeda bombing suspect because it was derived from torture

August 18 2023 — ‘9/11 commission lied to us, FBI lied,’ Vivek Ramaswamy speaks on his views on 9/11 tragedy

August 14 2023 — Woody Harrelson appears to have jumped on the RFK, Jr. train
HIT PIECE by Jennifer Sandlin
"Others, however, are pointing out that Harrelson is no newcomer to conspiracy theories—the New York Intelligencer reported in 2015 that Harrelson signed a petition circulated by the organization "Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth," a group that believes 9/11 was engineered by the U.S. government."

=9/11 ALTERNATE MEDIA NEWS=========================

August 17 2023 — Vivek Ramaswamay talks 9/11 with Tucker Carlson
This is a clip from Episode 17 where Tucker Carlson interviews Vivek Ramaswamay and discusses 9/11. They didn't go deep but he made it clear that he's not dwelling on it, basically acknowledging that the issue can't be ignored or marginalized any longer, there is legitimate foreign State sponsorship.

August 14 2023 — Robert F. Kennedy Jr talks 9/11 with Tucker Carlson
This is a clip from Episode 16 where Tucker Carlson interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr and discusses 9/11, Iraq, Anthrax, and the Patriot Act

=9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT NEWS========================

August 18 2023 — Massive corruption at the American Society of Civil Engineers aids the 9/11 cover-up

July 28 2023 — Jef Bishop Delivers WTC 7 Evidence at Florida Engineering Conference


August 26 2023 — Takeaways: How the North Tower ‘spire’ disproves the official theory all by itself
Join engineer Jonathan Cole for a discussion of his new paper in the Journal of 9/11 Studies on the next installment of “Takeaways” this Saturday, August 26, at 5:00 PM EDT.

The list below is also available at https://richardgage911.org/9-11-anniversary-events-2023/

September 5, 8:00pm Eastern – Online, Streamed Live
Forum: Parallels of 9/11 & Covid: Justice Around the Corner
Sponsor: Truth Action Project

Featuring: Richard Gage, AIA and Mick Harrison, Esq.

September 8, Time: TBD – LIVE in DC
Legal Action: Oral Arguments in Wash DC Court
Sponsor: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Attorney: Mick Harrison

Mick Harrison, Litigation Director of the Lawyers’ Committee, presents oral arguments in a court in Washington, DC, a legal action against the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on behalf of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. (Visitors might be allowed – contact AE911Truth.)

The presentation of oral arguments represents a critical step towards holding NIST accountable and demanding a comprehensive and unbiased re-evaluation of the official WTC 7 report.

September 9, 11:30am to 4:30pm Eastern – LIVE-IN-NYC
Conference: Free World NYC
Sponsors: Billy Ray Valentine / Tony Arterburn

Featuring: Richard Gage, AIA; Donald Jeffries; John Brisson; Wayne McRoy; Charlie Robinson

This day-long conference focuses on 9/11 and the honest pursuit of truth and free speech. It will be hosted by Billy Ray Valentine. In a world where the pursuit of truth can be met with skepticism, this event empowers us to engage in informed conversations about the events that shook the world more than two decades ago. Come to New York for this one!

Venue: “Town School” – 540 East 76th Street
Tickets: Buy at Eventbrite

September 10, 2:00pm Eastern
Online Conference: JOINING FORCES for 9/11 Truth & Justice
Sponsor: Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry
MC: Kristina Borjesson, Emmy Award winning Journalist, filmmaker
Featuring: Richard Gage, AIA, Architect; Mick Harrison, Esq; Charlotte Dennett, Esq; Barbara Honegger; Jan Van Aken; Ted Walter; Erik Lawyer; Gene Laratonda; Sandra Jelmi

The Lawyers’ Committee continues to spearhead the quest for justice by hosting its own annual event. Gage will present the Parallels of 9/11 & Covid, as developed by Kevin Ryan. The distinguished panel of other speakers and the presentations serves as a reminder that the journey for truth and justice is ongoing and promises to shed light on the progress made as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

September 10, 6:00pm Eastern – in NYC
Film: Peace, War and 9/11
Sponsor: International Center for 9/11 Studies
Theater: Cinema Village, Greenwich Village – $20

This new film by IC911 is a tribute to the incredible decades-long work of Graeme MacQueen, a dedicated truth seeker who sadly left us this year. MacQueen’s tireless commitment to uncovering the truth behind the events of 9/11 continues to inspire others to carry the torch forward. The screening of the movie, “Peace, War and 9/11″ is expected to become a rallying call to continue and pass forward the vast body of his work in 9/11. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mEIPhNrRRA

September 11, 11am to 3pm Eastern
Street Action: ”Boots on the Ground / Hearts in the Air” in NYC at the WTC
Sponsor: 9/11 War Room
Location: Ground Zero / WTC 7

Join the crew on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 where it matters. Reach out with Richard and Gail Gage, Gene Laratonda and Sandra Jelmi, and hundreds of others to raise awareness at Ground Zero to commemorate the loss of life in the grand 9/11 deception and help raise awareness among New Yorkers. We will be presenting the evidence of controlled demolition, sharing the many reasons why the official narrative does not hold water, and why the pursuit of justice remains critical. We hope to be a powerful reminder that seeking the truth is not an abstract concept but is essential in remembering not only the lives lost on that fateful day, but the millions that followed shortly after in the 9/11 wars.

Our T-shirts: “Jet’s Fuel Can’t Melt Steel”
September 11th, 4pm Eastern (Game Starts 5:15pm)
Parking Lot / Tailgate Action: Join NY Jets Football Star Aaron Rogers with the Airplane Banner fly-over!
Sponsor: 9/11 War Room

Location: MetLife Stadium – Parking Lot

We meet in the parking lot outside MetLife Stadium, where Aaron Rogers, who is known to be supportive of 9/11 Truth, will be playing his first football game in New York as a Jet. We will be red-pilling with our green T-shirts “Jet’s Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams” as the plane flies over the stadium with the banner in tow, “9/11 Truth: Aaron knows. Do you??”

The plane will fly from Long Island, over New York City, to the Jets game in New Jersey, and back again – all on September 11th!

We can’t miss this opportunity. The cost for all of this exposure to the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, and especially the gawking 82,500 fans at the Jets football game – each of whom cannot possibly miss it! It – is only $2,200! That’s just 3 cents per person! Will you donate $25 to red-pill 830 people? How about $100 to wake-up 3,300 people.

We’ve got the power of numbers here! Join is in the most effective 9/11 Truth advertising opportunity we’ve ever had!

The Jet’s starting quarterback has already come out about 9/11 Truth. Now we can create the Great 9/11 Controversy among hundreds of thousands of Jet’s fans!

=ACTION ITEMS======================================

1.) Write the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin:

2.) In the spirit of Tucker Carlson asking, "What actually happened with Building 7?", record yourself asking the same question in your own style. Send clips and links to Gene in FB Messenger, Twitter (@911Gene), Facebook (FB.com/genelaratonda), Instagram (@911Gene), email (gene@laratonda.com) or even text if it'll go 724.826.1001.

This is where Advocates & Activists in the 9/11 Truth Movement can find others and also be found. Here, you can connect with like-minded individuals and be discovered by others who share your passion. The 9/11 Community Hub serves as a voluntary public directory, dedicated to all those who seek transparency, truth, accountability, and justice for the crimes committed on 9/11.

Whether you prefer to reveal little or share more, you have the freedom to register and disclose as much information as you feel comfortable with. The only mandatory fields are your name, a private email address (which will not be publicly displayed), and your city, state/province and country. The directory is fully searchable and offers convenient filtering and sorting options. Let us unite and foster connections within our community!

=9/11 FINANCIAL NEEDS======================================

Cayle Littlechief (9/11 Truth Hawaii) is asking for donations. Please do not donate to the corporate fundraisers.

Truth Action Project launched

Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry: Crimescene To Courtroom documentary


GRAPHIC - Afghanistan: Opium Production Potential Rises Sharply

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Unanswered Questions: A 9/11 Truth Show

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17:07:29 From Joshua Shoenfeld To Everyone:
18:28:26 From Deb Lee To Everyone:
If someone needs a place to stay in NYC, contact me. deblee1305@gmail.com
18:47:07 From Cayle littleChief 9/11 Truth Hawaii To Everyone:
18:49:07 From Cayle littleChief 9/11 Truth Hawaii To Everyone:
Sorry it’s generic to Instagram but we will have more of a direct link to all this information along with the group we worked with. This comes down to the PUBLIC THE CITIZENS doing this work. The media is running big propaganda campaigns to NOT donate to local groups saying you can get scammed and to go through them!!
19:02:20 From Bruce Stanley To Everyone:
Yandex is BY FAR the best alternative search engine

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