Canada Fires: Why Was A Back Burn Planned But Local Residents Not Informed?

3 months ago

Firefighters were told to "not to help" while residents of Canada's Celista, BC near Shuswap are in awe. They all knew by Tuesday August 15th that 30km winds were coming. Why did firefighters light a back burn knowing the winds would carry it to that residential area, but not inform those residents? My guest today is Stef and Jorne. That fire came right to their back steps but firefighters refused to help saying they were to told to "stand down." My guest feels that they are trying to starve the citizens out so they can "let it all burn." Listen in to all of the details about this very strange and sad story in the age of "Smart C!ties," Global!sm, and the under funding of resources, while Trudeau sends millions to Ukraine.
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