Sweet Baby Loves To Hear Mom Sing

6 years ago

Babies are thought of as the cherry on top of the cake once a couple have gotten married. This doesn't go to say that is doesn't happen earlier. Never the less, they can be quite the charm and joy in many occasions. Although, we have been informed that they can also be quite the handful. If you can get through all the sleepless nights and loud baby crying you might actually be in for a treat as this video provides you with a heartwarming situation of what having a baby could be like.

So, it look like it's a beautiful sunny day and this family is out for a walk. As the mom decides to stop and give little infant here the joy of music. As mom starts singing, this little baby turns into quite the audience. Never for a second moving its eyes of the prize, in this case the wonderful singing of its mother. This little kid is just baffled by mom's singing and even looks like its under a spell at how closely it follows its mom.

This baby aside of giving mom all the attention, it has somehow managed to look extra cute while doing it. It has set its tiny hand on its face, snuggled in its seat and its dedication to hear its mom all the way to the end is just marvelous.

Only if we grownups can have the patience and the interest as this baby for anything in our life. Oh well, at least we will have this sweat human being to show us how that looks.

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