5 years ago

Big Dog Would Much Rather Sleep In Little Sister's Bed

Whoever said that size doesn’t matter, they were wrong. Size does matter! And one size doesn’t fit all. Especially if you have an adopted sister who takes your place wherever you go. Just like this depressed yorkie named Emma that struggles to stay in her bed which is anyhow too tiny for her adopted sister Lexie. Nevertheless, Lexie basks in the bed too small for her as she watches her little sister nonchalantly.

Emma the Yorkie was a single child almost all her life. You could say she was the queen of the castle - everyone doted on her, fed her some nice kibbles, she was allowed on everyone’s lap and she had her very own bed, small enough to fit but large enough for her to frolic in it. But then Mom and Dad decided to adopt a sister for Emma. In comes Lexi - a clumsy looking big black dog that stole Emma’s spotlight from right under her little paws. Everyone now dotes on Lexi, wanting to make her feel warm and welcome in her new home.

Now Lexi get’s all the nice kibbles and she gets to sit in everyone’s lap. And if that isn’t enough, silly Lexi wants to sleep in Emma’s bed, even though it is too tiny for her. She repeatedly tries to position herself so that she can lay down comfortably and takes a nice nap. Walking in circles, the big dog tries to find just the right spot to lie down and thinking she has found one, the dog sits. Poor Emma.

And while a portion of Lexi’s body is now in the bed, the dog's legs and tail don't quite fit and offer a rather comical sight. But everything isn’t so grim though, because at the end the two sisters manage to both lay down in the tiny doggy bed! Good girls.

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