MAKEOVER: It's More Me. by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

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Rumble Subscribe : - This one is paricularly special because this woman and I grew up together. I know her. We're from the same people. She was the pretty girl in school who became the beautiful woman today. There isn't anyone in our class who wouldn't say... Mary Kramer is great. No one. So when she came in for a makeover I was honored. Brilliant. But, she has lived life and in so doing met her own challenges. But I can only do beauty so Kami gave her great makeup. Margaret Bodensteiner, who's aunt went to school with us agreed on the violet plum haircolor. I knew she needed dark but not harsh color could be achieved if plum is added to balance olive skin. I left length because she's recently single, but she'd be adorable with short hair as well.