The Carl Higdon UFO Abduction- October 25, 1974

FactWarehouse Published June 7, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble June 06, 2017- On October 25, 1974 Oil Foreman, And Father Of Four, Carl Higdon Went Hunting In Medicine Bow National Park, Because A Co-Worker Was Sick. Carl Was Hunting Alone, In A Part Of The Park Where There Were Plenty Of Elk. He Found A Elk That He Wanted, But When He Raised His Gun To Fire, The Bullet Went Slow. A "Alien" Appeared And Asked Him If He Was "Hungry". The Alien Gave Carl Some Pills That Would Keep Him From Getting Hungry For Four Days. Next He Was Taken Inside A Cubicle And To A Distant Planet Where He Was Examined And Then Brought Back To The Earth And Let Go.