The Makeover Guy, Christoper Hopkins, Gives A Divorcee A Makeover That She Will Never Forget

Published June 6, 2017 221,189 Views $667.00 earned

Rumble Sad as it may be, it is the truth - not all marriages live happily ever after. For one reason or another, people grow apart, differences can be irreconcilable. Separation leads to loneliness and it can turn into despair - what if I don’t get another chance?

That is why Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy is back yet again with another jaw-dropping makeover! A divorce can mean a fresh start and that is exactly what divorced mom Lori received! She got the ultimate makeover, boosting her confidence and self esteem to putting that fresh start to good use! Good for her!

Christopher says: “I have to admit I had extra fun with Lori because we graduated about the same year from nearby high schools in Southwestern Minnesota. I think this may be one of my favorites. Amy Zwievelhofer took Lori's hair from blah brown to beautiful auburn, meticulous makeup by Amy Goulet or Kami Klevin I'm not sure. And I did the cut which needed more length still. She said she'd come back in 6 months but I've yet to see her! Hello Lori!”

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  • msf3nton, 3 years ago

    A pretty simplistic approach to the situation. While appearance may be a part of a crumbling relationship for normal people, the behavior and attitude of one or both partners is usually a far bigger issue. People change with time and each partner has to accommodate that change and growth. Appearance is a symptom of the attitude/behavior so you can paint over the rotted wood, but underneath it is still unhealthy wood.

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