Adorable serval loves his human friend

Published June 5, 2017 30,513 Views $20.51 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsEvery kitty loves to be scratched and shown attention. No matter the size or breed, the desires remain the same. For this Serval, his human friend decided to show him some love and cuteness ensued. Turn up the volume and listen to this adorable Serval purring with satisfaction when getting attention from his human friend! So awesome!

Everyone just needs some loving from time to time, it's just the way things are. Our dogs beg for attention, so do our cats, even we do from time to time. That is why it's not surprising that this Serval loves some too.

How adorable is this big Serval cat? You don't see them everyday, that's for sure! For more adorable animals, stop on by at and get your daily dose of cuteness.

Check out this adorable Serval purring.


  • MimiRabbit, 20 weeks ago

    similar to a lynx. I invite you to me

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