Sweet Baby Shows Off His Strength

Published June 1, 2017 5,713 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsGenes are the most amazing thing. They carry gigabytes of information that later build us like the humans that we are, but then, when the time comes for us to inherit traits from our parents gene pool, it is like the lottery! Our mom's hair color, dad's nose, grandma's eye color, grandpa's eyebrows... Some of us win the lottery big time, while other....not so much.

Looks like mom and dad has found out who's got the muscles in this family! Their adorable little baby might be small, but by the looks of things he's got plenty of strength to go around! He doesn't mind lending his strength to his parents for this shopping trip!

With both his tiny baby hands firmly on the handles of the shopping cart, while dad is maneuvering. Seems the little guy has taken his role in the family so seriously, if dad pulls him off the handles, baby immediately starts crying! For a moment, it seems like he could go into a screaming frenzy, but dad put him back on the handles and baby boy zips it that very instant!

But does he really have the strength to hold on? Dad proves that his sons is made in his spitting image, because when he slowly lets go of the baby, he just hangs there!

Talk about serious dedication!