Here's How To Fix A Zipper That Just Won't Close

UCANZippersUSA Published June 1, 2017 119,659 Plays

Rumble / Do It YourselfAlmost everyone has had an encounter with a zipper before. Most pairs of jeans have them, as well as jackets and bags. Every once and a while, us zipper users are plagued with the misfortune of having what seems to be the most stubborn zipper in the world. It just won't zip up! This can leave you frustrated, and the frustration can stay with you for the rest of the day. No one wants that. So look no further, here we have the instant fix to your most stubborn zippers!

In this video we learn how to fix a zipper that doesn't close correctly. Most of the time, this happens with bags and pouches. This quick and easy fix will make life so much easier for the lot of you. All you'll need are pliers. The main problem for zippers is that the mouth doesn't engage the teeth, so all you'll need to do is take your pliers, and squeeze, not too hard, on both sides of the mouth. And that should do the trick!

With just a little bit of elbow grease, anything can be fixed. Now you'll have no more problems with your zippers. So the next time you get this problem, don't panic and grab your pliers!

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  • johntruex, 2 years ago

    Nice, Thanks

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  • Oldbob, 2 years ago

    that'll come in handy..Thanks

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  • Tinneh, 1 year ago

    Yesterday I found an old backpack without a zip-lock, I took a zip-lock from an backpack I was gonna throw away but it wouldn't lock. I just left it and went on with other chores. This morning I stumbled over Rumble and after a few cat-video's I subscribed myself and off course visited the DIY channel. Your trick worked ! Zipper is functioning (I squeesed a little to hard dough ;-) but it locks ! TY, 1 thing I need with zippers is : a ziplock where the small handle has broken off but there are no holes to attach a piece of wire... Hope you guys can find a solution ?

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