Fidget Spinner absolutely amazes kitten

Published June 1, 2017 33,496 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensFidget spinners seem to be everywhere these days, in the hands and pockets of everyone, young and old. Kids are doing tricks with them, dogs can be seen balancing them on their noses, so why not show a cat and it’s fascination with the toy?

Misty the toyger is totally fascinated by her new toy that she spins it gracefully until the dog joins in! You might say that the fidget spinner is the best toy for cats, because it moves on its own but doesn’t really go anywhere!

Even though originally invented in the early 90s, fidget spinners took the world by storm early in 2017. Marketed as a means for relieving stress and anxiety, they can now be found in every kids and adult’s pocket, and apparently in front of cats and dogs too!

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