Delicious gin & tonic cheesecake recipe

Published June 1, 2017 2,698 Views

Rumble / Delicious RecipesDo you like to host dinner parties at your home? Dessert can be pretty easy to come up with, but there are tons of basic options. You have your cakes, your cookies, your pastries. With this recipe, you may look no further! Here we have a delicious take on the cheesecake. Instead of following the traditional route, this recipe will help you spice things up, providing a nice change to your dessert lineup.

Do you love gin and tonic? Do you love cheesecake? Well here you get the best of both worlds, combined in what could become your favorite dish. The things you need are biscuits, tonic, butter, cream cheese, lime juice, gin, more tonic, sugar, gelatin, whipped cream and lime zest. With these ingredients, you are well on your way to making the perfect dessert.

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Cheesecake is awesome, but this is just simply mind blowing. Must try!

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