MAKEOVER: Asian Hair Long to Short, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

Published June 1, 2017 202 Plays $0.46 earned

Rumble Morgan has worn her hair pretty much the same since she was a teenager. The Asian head shape and texture can pose unique challenges. The head is generally flatter in the crown, the hair tends to grow straight out from the head in some areas and in opposing directions. In Morgan's case her hair was very thick in the back but noticeably thinner around the front hairline and in front of the ear. I chisled out the bulk on tne outer exterior of the back of the head and disconnected the sides and front from the back. From the occipital down the hair was left to it's own devices with more bulk removed from the center and full thickness left behind the ears. Joelle added softe milk chocolate highlights and Kami created a very natural appearing makeup. Morgan: Send me all of your friends! With hair and a personality like that I could do hair all day every day.