Gentle Pit Bull Terrier Gets A Second Chance In Life

Published June 1, 2017 30,396 Plays

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsWe’ve heard a lot of stories about dogs and their tiresome journeys that have led them to become the gentle souls that they are now. Each one of them is as unique as it gets and all of them make us want to hug the puppies that went through all of it and magically make their torment disappear. No one deserves to be put through so much suffering. It is not right and we as humans should do everything in our power to at least halve these accidents. We should really consider spaying our pets if we aren’t able to take care of the offspring later on. We are supposed to be their protectors!

From homeless and starving in NYC to playing in the fields on a farm, this is Jameson's incredible story! Found emaciated on the streets of New York City, Jameson has had the luck not many stray dogs do to be found by Out Of The Pits, a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating the world about the true nature of the Pit Bull Terrier as a breed and to restore them to their old position as America’s favorite dog breed!

Jameson is looking for a forever home! He is a very smart boy, amazing on a leash and off it in a private setting, will do great with another dog, even a female one and can even be tested to live with a cat.

Please, consider adopting!