Bernese Mountain Dog lets rescue puppies play on him

Published May 31, 2017 115,159 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis massive pooch looks like he’s been born to be a nanny! Eiger the Bernese Mountain Dog loves these 4-week-old foster puppies and treats them like they’re his own. He is a gentle soul!

They climb all over this mountain of a dog, biting his side and pulling his ears. But all of that is no match for Eiger’s nerves of steel! The Bernese Mountain Dog is known for being loyal, affectionate, eager to please, and extremely intelligent. Calm but gregarious, they can even get a little goofy when he plays with children of all ages, and apparently sizes!

Don’t know about you, but we would love to have one of these fluffy beasts to guard our kids!

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