Toddler Makes Purple Marker The Next Makeup Trend

ViralHogPublished: May 31, 2017267,687 plays$649.99 earned
Published: May 31, 2017

Every artist in history has had a period when they would only use a certain color to an excess. Picasso has his blue period. Little Hailey Hummel here is in her purple period.

But unlike most artists, little Hailey likes to transfer her art on to something more alive. Something that is readily available to her. How about, her own body? Now she is a walking work of art, literally!

Miss Hummel's favorite medium is the purple marker, which she applies all over the palms of her hands, top and bottom, then she drags it up to her elbows and over a little bit, and then proceeds to cover her face. Purple looks good on her pink face and accentuates her emerald green eyes the best, bringing out the cool tones.

She then added depth to her work, by applying accents with some white paint. Doesn't she look stunning?

Good thing dad had his phone camera on and ready, to capture the beauty that his little daughter created. When he tells her that the paint doesn't come off easily, she doesn't seem too distraught. But when dad asks her why she painted herself purple, Hailey doesn't even stop for a second, before throwing her mom under the bus saying she was the one who told her she could! That is just hilarious!

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