Sea Lions jump on back of boat for treat

Weitzel_1999Published: May 31, 2017Updated: June 1, 2017179,873 views
Published: May 31, 2017Updated: June 1, 2017

Isn't this one of the most insane things you've seen out on the water? These guys were returning from a day of fishing when two wild sea lions pop up on the rear deck of the boat and begin their practiced mooching for the remaining bait. They found it terribly funny and entertaining. What an awesome moment!

When dealing with wildlife, it is extremely important that you take extra precaution. You never know what they can be capable until it is too late. It is best to avoid any possible danger that you might be in the presence of. Thankfully, these men seemed like avid fishermen. In the end, everyone had a good laugh and continued on with their day.

What would have you done in this situation? This big fellas are huge and can be scary, but they also have some sort of adorableness to them. Let us know in the comments, and visit for similar videos!

Check out this awesome moment out on the water.

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