MAKEOVER: Thin Hair to Thick, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

TheMakeoverGuy Published May 31, 2017 203 Plays $0.31 earned

Rumble I'm quite familiar with this hair type. It's weak hair, not necessarily fine hair. With support of a pin curl set and allowed to dry completely you can achieve fullness. Denise came in from Reno, Nevada and was one of those special clients who is completely open. She has worn hair pieces, wigs, extensions to create fullness, but we were able to show her how she can achieve that without them. They're still there if she wants to use them, but it's nice to know you can make your hair look fuller without all the rest. Kelly created a lovely blonde with more depth at the base for easier maintenance and less damge. The trend seems to have held its ground for a while now. Joann, my mother, was instrumental in helping Denise understand what works best for her body type and choose clothing that balances figure type.