When They Found This Fawn Stuck In A Hole, They Didn't Think Twice About Rescuing It

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Published: May 30, 2017

Mother’s Day is all about the women that gave birth and raised us into who we are. But one poor mom was not so fortunate to spend it with her offspring since the poor thing got itself stuck in a hole in the forest. The doe stuck around her baby for two days, hoping it might come out on its own, but in vain. That is until two kind humans found it calling for help from the ground and took matters into their own hands.

Brian Forsburg and his dad found a fawn hopelessly trapped in a hole in the ground on Mother’s Day. But when the men decided to help the baby deer, they realized it was very stuck. They realized they would have to dig it out.

"On Mother's Day, I took my mom out to breakfast, then took her home. Dad needed me to help move a large piece of furniture to our satellite garage set back off the road about 100 yards. We drove back there, moved the furniture, and heard a sound coming from a fence row. I thought maybe a neighbors baby goat got lost? We walked in the woods to find a fawn bleating over and over to her mommy. She was stuck helplessly, rump first in a groundhog hole.

“We tried to pull her out, but couldn't without harming her, so dad took the truck to the house to get a shovel so we could dig her out. He came back with my mom (she recorded while we were digging). We freed the fawn from the hole and she was so weak, so mom fed her some milk from a turkey baster. As we fed, we saw mommy running our way, so we took off. Later, we checked out the scene. There were mommy tracks and baby tracks heading off to the woods."

After covering the baby deer with a tarp and some careful digging with a shovel and a pick, the dynamic duo was able to loosen the dirt around the fawn’s back legs. With some great teamwork, they finally set the little fawn free and let it rejoin its mommy.

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