Husky "alarm clock" wakes up owner

HuskyMamaPublished: May 29, 2017Updated: May 31, 201788,040 views
Published: May 29, 2017Updated: May 31, 2017

Do you have a problem getting out of bed in the morning? You wake up, hit snooze a couple of times, then contemplate your existence and whether or not you should drag your butt from under the warm, soft duvet and into the world. Just five more minutes...

It seems that sleeping in is no longer an option when a husky is around. Watch this hyped-up pup as he completely charges up the energy in the room by jumping and running all over his owner's bedroom. How cute!

Well, there you have it - if you wish you had an effective way of waking up and taking charge, just get a husky! It will be a great companion, will keep you fit and you will never oversleep again!

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