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Woman Undergoes A Wonderful Hair And Makeup Transformation

Christopher Jon Hopkins, aka "The Makeover Guy" is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, media personality, singer and makeover artist. Christopher has inspired, educated and entertained audiences around the world. Through his television and radio appearances, hundreds of thousands have used his straightforward advice to look their absolute best. The Makeover Guy has given a lot of women true blessing by transforming them into beauties. This is one incredible woman who had her hidden beauty discover by Christopher! He is a complete life changer!

This is Sandy. She was tired of the way she looked and she also didn’t like the way people where cutting her hair and the way they were coloring it. She really wanted and needed change. That’s when Christopher stepped on the scene. Sandy was surprised to discover she could use her natural body by adding protein and allowing it to dry supported by double prong hair clips. She didn’t put any limitation on Christopher when it came to her transformation look because she knew that he was the professional and he knew what’s best for her.

After her transformation, her favorite part was making reservations at a restaurant and showing off her new look. She really felt like the make-up artist has taken 20 years off her face. What an amazing transformation!For her, the funniest part was with Christopher because for the first time in her life somebody proved to her that she actually had curly hair when everybody was convinced that her hair is straight. We’ve also learned great advice from the makeup artist about everyday natural look tricks! A simple lip balm and mascara will do the trick! Sandy congratulations on your transformation and you look amazing!

This is her testimony: “I don’t want to put limitations on Christopher, I was a nurse for 43 years and it used to really bugged me when my patients say I don’t want this, I don’t want that, I am a professional, I know anesthesia, please let me choose what’s best for you and I feel the same way about Christopher. Christopher is the professional, he knows what will be and what wouldn’t , so don’t put limitations on him. We have dinner reservations and I’ll just be so proud and happy to show myself off, that would be great. And the make-up artist was great - I told her she took 20 years off my life by making me up. I love the natural look that she gave me”.

This is a great way to see what the before and after looks like but the results look more extreme since you can see everything side by side- shrunken pores, flawless skin, what looks more lifted, contoured, plumper. Make up is not any different than accessories and clothing - it is embellishments on your face. Plus in addition, it gives you freedom. You get to get that instant in front the mirror each morning morning and present your self love. You are creating your self upward amazing, which will be basically self love.

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