MAKEOVER: I Look Like Me Again, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

TheMakeoverGuy Published May 29, 2017 456 Plays $1.22 earned

Rumble Beth has beautiful hair but the type that will drag a longer narrow face with a longer neck down. We don't want to drag down. She was up for anything but since longer hair was somewhat new to her, and the fact that at 52 she still has great hair and a young face, i just felt she needed to know how to work with her natural wave. So we added layers in the interior, selectively depending on where the hair was heaviest. In her case, at the top of the head. The round lines of the curl adds softness to the length of the face and squareness of the forehead. Nicole created a very natural makeup look. Kelly did creative hand painted coloring for a more "beachy" vibe.