Car on fire causes major traffic jam

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Published: May 28, 2017Updated: May 30, 2017

After a day scuba diving at Porteau Cover Provincial Park, the cameraman and his wife were minutes out of the area when they came across a traffic jam and noticed billowing black smoke in the near distance. Hearing sirens in the distance, Brent continued to shuffle through traffic to get closer to the front of the line as he knew this was going to be a time consuming incident. Once near the front of the stopped traffic, Brent got out and began recording as the firefighters tackled the blaze. Being in a rural area, the firefighters of Britannia Beach are volunteers, which meant approximately a 20 minute arrival time from the time of the 911 call. Once they arrived they sprung into action and got the gear all ready and began fighting the 2 fires. The mini one being the vehicle, and once that was under control a second group of firefighters tackled the grass fire beside the highway.

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    DavidMcNab · 1 year ago

    Good news that nobody was hurt. Fascinating to watch these amazing guys do their work.

    • 1 rumble
      cdngreenwaterdiver · 1 year ago

      Even as volunteers they were very profession in my mind

  • 1 rumble
    einsteinparrot · 1 year ago

    Two Thumbs up for these guys!