Sneaky Grouper hunts with diver, steals fish

Dchristoffers1 Published May 28, 2017 2,591 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeIt's hard to turn these friendly fish down, as they have lovable personalities, but it is crucial that we do as much as we can to preserve their natural behavior. Lionfish are an invasive species that can decimate of reef. They will eat anything and everything they see - occasionally even each other.

The results have been devastating. In order to combat this invasion, it has become common practice to cull for Lionfish in order to keep their numbers down. Lionfish meat is delicious and the restaurants are happy to add it to the menu, so nothing is wasted!

Check out this awesome moment in the sea!


  • cdngreenwaterdiver, 2 years ago

    wow, heard of the groupers also leading divers to lion fish to make the kill for them,

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    • Dchristoffers1, 2 years ago

      This is absolutely true. They will sit and stare at it, then at you waiting for the spear. Just eat it, lol

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  • RickRobison, 1 year ago

    Very cool!

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