Ancient port of Corinth, Greece captured by drone

Published May 28, 2017 318 Plays

Rumble / World TravelWhat did the ancient Greeks do to cross the narrow land of the Corinth Canal from the Saronic to the Corinthian Gulf and vice versa? They used these two ports (Lecheon in the Corinthian and the Kechreai in the Saronic Gulf) and gouged ships ashore where pulled by mechanical means on a path named Diolkos. At the port of Lechaio you can see the internal port (this dry lake in the form of a swan. The "eye" of the swan is the lighthouse/fortress ruins) and the Basilica of St. Leonides (5th cent. AD), which is the largest in the Balkans and was destroyed by an earthquake. At the port of Kechreai you can see both submerged artificial breakwaters with ruins of buildings. The Apostle Paul has sailed at this port when he visited Corinth.