Fan Recreates The Butter-Passing Robot From Rick And Morty Sitcom

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Published: May 26, 2017Updated: May 29, 2017

This is the moment when one passionate fan of “Rick and Morty” show decided to recreate the butter-passing robot invention and put it into action. Everyone needs a helper in the household and this man used a Cozmo robot and a python script to stage the scene from the show where Rick makes a robot with a sole purpose to "pass butter".

In one episode, the adventuring scientist Rick creates a tiny sentient robot for the express purpose of serving butter. “What is my purpose?” it asks shortly after being created, almost pleadingly, to which Rick responds, “You pass butter.” It looks at its tiny claws and moans, “Oh, my god,” before the credits roll.

What makes Rick and Morty such an amazing show is all the off-the-wall devices Rick comes up with. One such invention is the robot he makes whose sole purpose is to pass butter which we see in the opening scene of the first season’s ninth episode, “Something Ricked This Way Comes”. Amazingly, the difference between this device and the many other devices depicted in the show, is that in addition to having advanced artificial intelligence and sense of awareness to pass the butter, this robot can be created in real life.

Footage demonstrates such creation composed by one inventive fan, the robot is serving the sole purpose of serving butter. Watch how he obeys when the man tells him to pass the butter and the device immediately completes the order. Then again, when asked to pass the butter, the robot has an existential crisis, reassuring that its existence has no meaning beyond that one simple task. How sad is that!


Beep: What is my purpose?

Me: Pass the butter.

*Beep passes the butter.

Beep: What is my purpose?

Me: You pass butter.

Beep: Oh my god.

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