Dog left alone completely destroys backyard

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Published: May 26, 2017

You won't believe the damage this Golden Retriever has done to his owner's backyard while she was away at work. Angus has had his paws full all day. It is good to be busy, because “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”.

However, this little devil was on a mission on his own! He weeded the garden, removed some pesky moles, fixed the piping and even had some spare time to do some decorating! Or so he claims, because once his owner got a look at Angus’ work, he immediately felt ashamed! Poor puppy!

Dogs, especially Retrievers, are very social animals and can grow incredibly affectionate towards their companions, so if you are working full time and travel a lot, you may want to reconsider getting one of these dogs. They are prone to mouthiness, which means that they will chew through anything, especially if stressed or left without supervision.

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      cdngreenwaterdiver · 1 year ago

      good video, i now your pain. subscribe to my chanel as ill subscribe to yours. Keep shooting

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        Angusthegolden · 1 year ago

        Thanks !! I just subscribed to your channel :-)

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      Kabukisan · 1 year ago

      The dog is too clean! HE WAS FRAMED! Does she own a CAT?