12 Adorablely Jealous Dogs

AFVPublished: May 25, 201714,625 views
Published: May 25, 2017

These dogs are not too good about sharing attention! These affectionate pups expect to be the center of attention at all times, no matter how many other people or dogs are around! These dogs may be jealous, but boy are they adorably persistent too! How can you say no to these faces?

We're never tired of watching super cute doggy videos, and we're sure that's also the case with you! Here we witness an incredibly cute situation when pups seem a bit jealous to each other for not getting all the attention of their playful owners and buddies! And who can blame these little overly energetic angels? They're just too cute to be ignored, but it's more than clear that one human is just not enough!

Can someone please come to the rescue? Can we please join the fun? Cause this looks like a blast! We'll be more than glad to switch places with these lucky humans! This is a real proof that dogs are not just pets, they're true best friends who can be really, we mean REALLY persistent at times. Nevertheless, we love them just the way they are - truly pure souls that make our lives better.

How many of you dog owners can relate with this?

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