This Carpet Cleaning Hack Could Change Your Life Forever

Published May 25, 2017 162,749 Views

Some of you might not find this all too surprising, but it is a hack that works 100 per cent of the time! The best cleaning and deodorizing solution for almost every kind of stain out there is already in your pantry. An ingredient that no household is complete without can lift stains and smells from upholstery, carpets and other stained surfaces, without ruining the finish. And that ingredient is the almighty baking soda!

The miracle compound that is sodium bicarbonate is a mild abrasive that works wonders when it comes to picking up gunk and washing it away, but its most surprising use is for carpet cleaning. Whether it’s an old stain that won’t come out, a wine stain from last night’s soiree or just to liven up and deodorize your rug, baking soda is your magic go-to cleaning tool!

Just make a paste of a good quantity of baking soda with enough lemon juice of white wine vinegar to form a paste (it will sizzle up a bit, but that will subside as you mix it, just don’t add too much liquid and do not inhale the gas!), then apply that paste to the stain. Rub it in good through the fibers of the carpet with a toothbrush or your fingertips, let it soak up all the muck, then vacuum it all up when it’s dry. Your carpet will be as good as new and as fresh as ever.

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