Parents learn they'll be grandparents on Father's Day

6 years ago

Having a baby is an exciting time for the parents to be. The preparations, the ups, the downs, everything is worth it in the end when you see your little bundle of joy open their eyes for the first time. From the moment you hear them cry for the first time, to the moment you send them off to college, life is an adventure. With all the big moments to come, they kick things off with surprising the new grandparents by giving them the news. Their reaction is priceless.

What a better way to make the surprise that much more surprising than to deliver the news on a holiday. This couple went to visit their parents on father's day to break the news. The parents on the other hand were only expecting the typical father's day celebration, a heartfelt card and a meaningful gift. But what they got instead was the wonderful news that they are going to be grandparents. Just look at how ecstatic they are!

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This elderly couple is about to receive some incredible news on Father's Day. Just wait for their reaction!

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