Chatty Parrot And His Owner Have An Entertaining Conversation

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsEach and every species of animals has their own aptitudes. Peacocks spread their colorful feathers, Eagles have their famous squawk, and fish, well all fish species swim. A more notable aptitude that a favorite pet has is the ability to speak. Einstein the Parrot and his owner carry on a clever conversation regarding taking a shower, being all wet and money. He even tells his owner to be quiet! That's probably not the nicest thing to say to your owner Einstein, he should give an apology to her too, silly parrot!

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a parrot as a pet? Well hopefully this video might give you a little insight into what you might expect when taking in one of these clever guys. Obviously not all parrots behave like this, but if you get lucky with the right one, you never know what shenanigans might take place. Strong bonds can be made between a parrot and their owner. It's quite obvious these two are close and have a special bond, so nice!

How awesome is this parrot though? If you want to share any moments of your pets doing funny things, let us know in the comment section down below!

Check out this chatty parrot.


  • bluedaisy, 2 years ago

    I just love Einstein! lol . such an amazing creature!

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