The Makeover Guy Chose Her Cut For Her And It Took 10 Years Off Her Face

Published May 24, 2017 105,517 Views $340.77 earned

It is every hairstylist’s dream: you walk into their salon, sit on the chair and tell them the magic words “I’d like a new look…I’m very open.”. Putting your trust into someone else’s hands when it comes to deciding the way you look can be nerve wracking, but a good stylist, like Christopher here, can do magic with your hair, just like he did for 59-year-old Jane.

The Chicago resident sat in Christopher’s chair with an open mind that took her to a whole new level. The first thing he does is ask her about her wardrobe, to which she tells him she likes her rich colors, like blues and maroons. It is not something your get asked a lot when at the salon, but now that we think of it, it makes perfect sense! Christopher chose Jane’s new hair color so that it doesn’t clash with her garb.

Nicole the makeup artist gives Jane a neutral brown eye, making her baby blues pop even further. Her hairstylist chose a warm brown with some hushed blond highlights, making her hair a massive departure from that dull salt-and-pepper she walked in with, but still keeping it natural. He then chopped off a couple of inches to bring out her face’s bone structure, leaving a lot of that natural body and curl to the hair.

In the end, if you don’t think Jane looks at least a decade younger, you need to get your eyes checked! By the way, you should totally see what Christopher did for this grandma!

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