Daniel Wood on the Court Case For the People of Arizona

9 months ago

Here is the break down on the court case filed for the people of Arizona on 8-18-23.
There was a lot to go over but this is a video that you can listen to an hour at a time. We go over the Constitutional Question. Daniel and Deborah give you a lot of good information about this case. We will have the Video up on 2 of our Websites and there is to Jotforms that can be signed. 1 to send the Arizona BOS your copy of the Remonstrance. 1 to send to the Arizona Legislature the Remonstrance. We are here to educate you on this process and give you a way to Stand up for Arizona. Anyone Anywhere can sign the Jotforms. Help Arizona bring this case to the Supreme Court.
Websites: affidavitmommas2021.com
Website: nationalfreedomcoalition.com
Email: affidavitmommas2021@gmail.com
Jotform for the Arizona BOS: https://form.jotform.com/231455521006041

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