Love at first sight: Border Collie and Jack Russell

Jang_Paul Published May 24, 2017 2,125 Plays $7.90 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLove is a very powerful thing. We love our family, we love our friends, we love our pets. Love is a bit more complex when it comes to a relationship, even for two dogs. Well there are people that believe in love at first sight, and it seems like this provides an argument for that. You are about to witness a best friendship in the making! Just check out this adorable clip!

Do you believe in love at first sight? It seems like these two are proof of that! Check out to get your daily dose of adorable animals, and if you have videos of your pets doing cool things, be sure to upload it!

Check out these two dogs proving that love at first sight is real.


  • tjames35, 51 weeks ago

    Very beautiful animals. You should make that first frame into a snapshot

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    • jang_paul, 51 weeks ago

      Thank you for your advice.

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