The Conqueror Agenda - Watchmen Radio -08/20/23

10 months ago

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Blurb: Challenge #Democrats to duels in Texas where it’s legal.

We knew in 2015 by prophecy that Trump would win, and it was laughed at by Christians, just like dream of 9/11 happening was laughed at.

Indictments against Trump are hot garbage.

Nutbag or cake bake prophesies are loved greatly, and received.

Jezebel women hate Trump, when he was sent to recur America.

China doing damage with TikTok.

People with trans surgery have a 40% suicide rate, so no doctor should be recommending this!

Keep open ended contracts with God, speaking good things over yourself, since your words have power. Leave it up to God whether you are martyred, since He loves you and knows you can handle it.

Revelation 6:2 - white horse … crown given to him, went forth conquering … white horse makes him look good

Resist tyranny and the control of men, and the Son of God will be with you in tribulation. They shut off water to citizens fighting fires in Maui, on purpose.

They are opening portals to hell, altering reality, to weaken your grip on reality. Check out the Risky Business underwear dance, now WITHOUT sunglasses.

One of Lucifer’s greatest deceptions is that aliens created us.

They are watching social media, and ready to make examples by shooting old men who can’t walk.

Learn to fish and plant natural seeds in case God forbid they cut off your food supply.

Don’t be programmed by Christian cliches psy-ops meant to make you useless and complacent.

Gracious dreams from God of 2020 election cheating were laughed at by Christians having election night wine parties.

2 King 17:24-41 - Sennacherib settled foreigners to break the Godly spirit of the land with demon worship … sounds real current doesn’t it?

Daniel 8:25 - through peace shall destroy many

Lose your old sinful sick pre-Christian life, to gain a life of putting God first, serving God, and worshipping God, and that way you gain an eternal life with Jesus you can’t lose.

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