News Anchor Loves To Lip-Sync During Commercial Breaks

Published May 23, 2017 1,950,527 Plays

Rumble We all have that moment when a specific song comes on and you just cannot help but to dance along and even sing to it! There is just something about that song that brightens you up. Just ask WVNS-TV anchor Dan Thorn. During his commercial breaks he cannot help but to dance to some of today's most popular songs.

What highlights these moments and makes it even funnier is that fact that his co-anchor does not seem amused and often keeps a straight face and focuses on her work. However that does not stop Dan as he even manages to get a smile out of her every so often!

These two seem like exact opposites. Sure, they both take their job very seriously when it comes to telling the news, but outside of that they could not be any more different! Surely Dan's co-anchor is also fun outside of work, but she seems to take her job very seriously at work which is not a bad thing.

However, Dan shows that it is OK to have fun at your job as well! Do we have to mention how good of a dancer Dan is? He really does know how to entertain an audience!

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