My grandma cries over baby doll.

miriamzakharovaPublished: May 22, 2017Updated: May 23, 2017831 views
Published: May 22, 2017Updated: May 23, 2017

My family and me were thinking about what to get my grandmother as a gift, we finally settled on a baby doll.

Growing up in Spain after its civil war, my grandma had never been able to afford a doll. Like many women her age, she grew up in poverty.

The war had a negative effect on everyone living in Spain, and for children it meant growing up very quickly.

When you don’t have enough food to eat, or a way to effectively clean yourself, or a place to sleep, you quickly learn that toys are not as important as basic human survival.

Forced to do without, most of these children were robbed of their childhoods. So we wanted to give our grandmother some of the youthful joy she missed out on with this present.

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