Extreme Angler Jeremy Wade Encounters Legendary ‘Sea Serpent’

Published May 18, 2017 373 Views

Rumble Extreme angler Jeremy Wade meets the creature behind the sea serpent legend - as he comes face to face with a rarely seen oarfish. Giant oarfish, also known as ‘messengers of the sea’, are mainly seen when they are washed ashore, often triggering fears of earthquakes. Whilst filming for the latest series of television series River Monsters in the Mediterranean Sea in France, Wade was fortunate enough to come face to face with one of the bizarre-looking creatures at a jaw dropping depth of 80 ft under water. Catch the brand new Season 8 of River Monsters on ITV1, premiering on Friday May 19 at 8pm.

Videographer / director: Icon Films
Producer: Crystal Chung, Ruby Coote
Editor: James Thorne